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Anti Leak Silicone Tape

Suitable for plumbing and marine applications. Wide temperature range from -45°C to 200°C.

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General description

MF50 Anti Leak is a self-fusing silicon tape for emergencies and all-purpose repairs. MF50 can be applied on a wide range of surfaces and is versitile in use, including leaking pipes and hoses, electrical connections, cables, hand tool handles and much more. Anti Leak Tape is resistant to UV, fuel, water, oils, acids and wide range of solvents.

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How it works

The tape creates a permanent air-tight and water-tight seal immediately after application. It ensures anti-corrosive and electrical protection. It is very easy to remove and leaves no sticky residue.

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Application guidelines

  • Clean the surface from dirt, oil etc. before the application.
  • Attach the beginning of the tape close to the damaged area and start wrapping around (with tension).
  • Keep stretching the tape until a 50% overlap is achieved. Once overlapped, the tape will fuse.
  • Finish the wrapping around the problem area and press the tape firmly into place.
  • For high pressure leaks, additional wrapping may be required. Most hose repairs can be repaired with 3-5 layers by wrapping 3 to 5 inches in each direction away from the leak point; however, additional strength can be added simply by wrapping more layers of the MF50 tape.
  • For electrical wiring, it is not necessary to stretch tightly. In fact, it will be more resilient to abrasion when it is not stretched too tightly.

    Cut the tape using scissors or knife.

Physical properties

Material Type
Silicone rubber
PE film
0,5 mm
Temperature range – continuous
-45°C to 200°C
Temperature range – intermittent
-65°C to 260°C
Specific Gravity
1,25 g/ml
Tensile Strength
700 psi min
400% min
Dielectric strength
400 Vpm min
Volume resistivity
1 x 1013 OHMs/cm
Pressure resistance
Approximately 10 – 12* bars
IMPA code
81 21 75**

* requires multiple layers application   ** code of similar product


Product code:
Tape dimension
Amount in a box
25 mm x 5m
90 g
24 rolls
38 mm x 5m
130 g
16 rolls
50 mm x 5m
170 g
12 rolls

Maintenance and storing

Shelf life of MF50 is at least 5 years from date of dispatch by Mareflex, when stored in the original box at 21°C and 50% relative humidity.

Product video

Check our product video.