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About Mareflex

The core concept of Mareflex is to constantly pursue product technology innovation
in compliance with relevant marine regulations and in line with the needs of our global customers.

Mareflex GmbH is a specialist manufacturer of safety tapes and sealing products, established in 2006 with the intention to develop innovative solutions to the marine, offshore and oil & gas industries.

Our flagship products are anti-splashing tapes, with our focus centred to continually improve their performance.

The first product we developed was MF01 Antispray Tape, dedicated to standard 15 bar installations.
In 2011, as the first company in the world, we introduced anti-splashing tapes with a higher pressure-resistance up to 50 bars. The new MF02 Antispray Tape was an upgraded version of MF01, custom designed per customer’s requirement.

Continuing our development works, in 2021 we presented a new generation of Antispray Tapes, known as MF03 and MF04. These high-performance versions offer significant improvements to withstand even higher pressures, up to 25 and 55 bars, respectively. Available as ultra-strong alternatives to the well-recognised MF01 and MF02 models, they are the result of our experience gained over the years as well as customers’ expectations.

We create our products with the highest quality standards in mind for your safe and smooth operations at sea.