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MF03 & MF04
Antispray Tapes

MF03 and MF04 are new-generation Antispray Tapes designed to protect pipeline installations against 
oil spraying and leakages in accordance with the latest SOLAS Consolidated Edition 2001, Regulation II-2/

General description

The MF03 and MF04 upgraded versions of well-recognised MF01 and MF02 Antispray Tapes offer significant improvements in performance, with the ability to withstand even higher pressure, up to 25 bars and 55 bars, respectively. The MF04 is an ultra-strong solution for the most demanding applications in the marine, offshore, oil & gas and petrochemical industries.

The function of Mareflex anti-splashing tapes is to transform a mist of flammable substances into a liquid and allow it to drip away in order to eliminate the risk of flammable mist combustion. Leaks or sprays of pressurized fluids, such as hydraulic fluid, lube oil or fuel oils, onto hot surfaces are the potential sources of ignition.

MF03 & MF04
The New Generation

The improved and reinforced structure of new Antispray Tapes outperforms
the previous models in terms of pressure resistance.

high-performance fiberglass fabric, additionally impregnated for higher pressure resistance

water-resistant properties make it suitable for steam pipe installations

improved release liner for easier and quicker application

enhanced tape structure and strength make it possibly the most durable anti-splashing tape on the market

Physical properties
silver (with orange print)
silver (with red print)
Maximum pressure
25 BAR (363 PSI)
55 BAR (798 PSI)
Thickness (without release liner)
340 micrometers
430 micrometers
Temperature range
-40°C to +160°C
At least 5 years from date of dispatch by Mareflex, when stored in the original box at 21°C and 50% relative humidity.
Adhesion PN-EN ISO 2411:2017-11
58 (N/50mm)
71 (N/50mm)
Tensile strength
PN-EN ISO 1421:2017-02
3460 N
3710 N
Relative elongation
PN-EN ISO 1421:2017-02
5,8 %
5,6 %
Chemical resistance
Resistant to oils, grease, fuels, aliphatic solvent, weak acids, salts and alkalis
Product code:
MF03-35 (or MF04)
35 mm x 10 m
MF03-50 (or MF04)
50 mm x 10 m
MF03-75 (or MF04)
75 mm x 10 m
MF03-100 (or MF04)
100 mm x 10 m
MF03-140 (or MF04)
140 mm x 10 m
MF03-250 (or MF04)
250 mm x 10 m
MF03-500 (or MF04)
500 mm x 10 m
MF03-1000 (or MF04)
1000 mm x 10 m

* other dimensions can be available upon customer request