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This product has been discontinued and replaced by MF03 and MF04

MF01 & MF02
Antispray Tapes

Advanced and certified anti-splashing tapes which help to control oil spraying and leakages
in accordance with the latest IMO SOLAS Consolidated Edition 2009, Chapter II-2 / Regulation 4, item 2.2.

flange pipeline protection antisplashing tape
General description

The Mareflex MF01 and MF02 anti-splash tapes were designed with the aim to prevent pipeline installations from oil sprays in accordance with the latest SOLAS Consolidate Edition 2004 Regulation II-2/ Specially constructed to whistand high temperatures and high pressure, they serve as a protection against an uncontrolled spraying of flammable liquids onto hot surfaces, which might be a cause of fire or explosion. 

Antispray tapes are applied around pipe flanges and fittings in order to direct any potential leakage away from the possible areas of ignition. They are equipped with a flame-retardant (self-extinguishing) adhesive layer to enhance safety standards even further. The adhesive layer is very strong and resistant to high temperatures.

mf01 tapes on rolls 01a2

The structure of Antispray Tapes

MF01 and MF02 are produced of the highest quality materials selected to ensure
the best possible protection against high pressure and high temperatures, 
while maintaining the elasticity necessary for a quick and easy installation. 

mf01 icon 01

high-performance fiberglass fabric, additionally impregnated for higher pressure resistance

mf01 icon 02

specially developed for this product, the flame-retardant adhesive offers additional protection against fire

mf01 icon 03

an additional fiberglass mesh increases flexibility of MF01 and makes installation easier

mf01 icon 04

the maximum media pressure in the protected piping system
(50 BAR for MF02)

Physical properties
silver (with orange print)
silver (with blue print)
Maximum pressure
15 BAR (218 PSI)
50 BAR (725 PSI)
Thickness (without release liner)
410 micrometers
370 micrometers
Temperature range
-40 °C to 150°C
At least 5 years from date of dispatch by Mareflex, when stored in the original box at 21°C and 50% relative humidity.
Adhesion to steel
(acc. To EN-ISO 2411:2002)
33±3 N/50mm
46±6 N/50mm
Tensile strenght
(acc. To EN-ISO 1421:2001)
3900±44 N/50mm
2119±95 N/50mm
Chemical resistance
Resistant to oils, grease, fuels, aliphatic solvent, weak acids, salts and alkalis
Product code:
MF01-35 (or MF02)
35 mm x 10 m
MF01-50 (or MF02)
50 mm x 10 m
MF01-75 (or MF02)
75 mm x 10 m
MF01-100 (or MF02)
100 mm x 10 m
MF01-140 (or MF02)
140 mm x 10 m
MF01-250 (or MF02)
250 mm x 10 m
MF01-500 (or MF02)
500 mm x 10 m
MF01-1000 (or MF02)
1000 mm x 10 m
mf01 02 boxes 01a

* other dimensions can be available upon customer request

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