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MF01 & MF02
Antispray Tapes

Advanced and certified anti-splashing tape which help to control oil spraying and leakages
in accordance with the latest IMO SOLAS Consolidated Edition 2009, Chapter II-2 / Regulation 4, item

mf01 tape 01a 1

1. Installation on flanges

Step 1:

Prepare a sheet of the Antispray material to cover the complete flange with a single piece. It is sufficient to apply a single layer of the tape. The width of the sheet should be sufficient to cover the entire flange and additionally about 50-100mm of pipe on both sides of the flange (depending on the flange diameter). The length of the sheet should allow to wrap around the whole diameter of the flange and to apply a 20% overlap (but not less than 80mm).

Step 2:

Press the Antipsray Tape firmly on both sides of the flange to minimize the empty space under the tape, as presented in the picture.

Step 3:

Apply two additional stripes of the Antispray Tape, one per each side of the flange, of width between 35-50mm (depending on the flange diameter). The length of the stripes should be sufficient to wrap around both sides of the installed tape with at least a 20% overlap.


During installation of the Antispray Tape it is important to cover the flange completely. Applying just a narrow strip of the tape on the edge of the flange (as in the presented picture) is incorrect. In the event of the leakage, this method of installation may NOT prevent from creating of a dangerous mist of the flammable substances.

antispray tape instruction 01
antispray tape instruction 02
antispray tape instruction 03
antispray tape instruction 04

2. Installation on valves

In case of installation on valves or other objects with irregular shapes, it is important to cover the complete surface with the Antispray Tape (except for the adjustment levers or knobs).

Step 1:

Prepare a square piece of the Antispray Tape large enough to wrap the valve from the both sides. It may be useful to make a partial cut along the centre of the prepared sheet of tape, which would allow to install it on both sides of the adjustment knob – as in the presented picture.

Step 2:

Wrap the valve around in vertical direction.

Step 3:

Use additional piece of the Antispray Tape to wrap the valve around in horizontal direction.

Step 4:

Properly installed tape should cover the protected element completely.

antispray tape instruction valve 01
antispray tape instruction valve 02
antispray tape instruction valve 03
antispray tape instruction valve 04

3. Additional instructions

  1. The Antispray tape must not have any visible surface damage. If any damage is visible, the material should be replaced with a new one.
  2. The tape can be cut with scissors or a sharp knife. During installation, the release liner should be peeled off gradually so as not to soil the adhesive layer, which would result in the loss of adhesive properties.
  3. Use tongs or a sharp knife to detach the tape. The peeled off tape cannot be reused.
  4. Do not wrap too tightly. Tape should be loose enough to allow for free oil flow.

4. Maintenance and storing

Material should be stored in a dry and cool area. It is recommended to store the rolls in the original packaging.