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Tips on the correct installation of Anti-splashing Tapes on flanges

The function of Anti-spray Tapes is to control oil spraying and leakages of piping systems, in accordance with IMO SOLAS Consolidated Edition 2009, Chapter II-2 / Regulation 4, item

Apart from the properties of Mareflex anti-splashing tapes (self-extinguishing, ultra-strong material), their correct installation is essential to provide adequate protection.


During installation of Antispray Tape it is important to cover the flange completely. Applying just a narrow strip of the tape on the edge of flange (as in the presented picture) is incorrect. Because in the event of a leakage, this method of installation may NOT prevent the formation of a hazardous mist of flammable substances.

Leaks or sprays of pressurized fluids, such as hydraulic fluid, lube oil or fuel oils, onto hot surfaces are the potential sources of ignition.

For the complete installation manual on both, flanges and valves, please visit: Mareflex Installation Manual